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Battery: Security Roller Shutter System

OZRoll Drive System (ODS) New E-Series

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Since the release of the OZRoll Drive System in 2006 we have continued to work on ways to improve this revolutionary product. In response to recent battery technology advancements. More information...

The maximum size for a battery operated Security roller shutter is 6.5 square.
(for example, 2700mm x 2400mm window maximum) or any other combination that is not greater than meters 6.5 square.

Our security battery operated roller shutters are fitted with the T20 battery motor or the T35 battery motor, it depend on the weight of the curtain for which motor will be fitted during manufacture.

*T20 ODS Maximum Lifting Capacity of 32kg*
*T35 ODS Maximum Lifting Capacity of 52kg*  

These motor requires adjustment, the up and down limits need to be set.
T20 - T35 adjustment required

Security roller shutters larger than 6.5 square require an electric motor.
Electric-Powered Security Roller Shutter

Low voltage operation (no electrician required).


T20 Limit settings