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Points To Note about Security Roller Shutters

The benefits of Security Roller Shutters are...

The Security Roller Shutter has an Extruded Aluminium Slat that has been developed as a premium product for security conscious buyers -- indeed wherever superior strength is required. The AE4O1 series slat represents many technological advantages, and forms the basis for our security roller shutter.

OZRoll Industries has recently had there AE401 Extruded Slat tested by the CSIRO for Bushfire Radiant Heat and Ember Attack in respect to Clause 14.4 of the Building Code AS1530.8.1-2007 criteria.
For the purpose of building regulations in Australia, and the test specimen achieved a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of B40 when tested in accordance with AS 1530.8.1-2007

The downsides of Security Roller Shutters are...

It's down falls is Price. Domestic Roller Shutters are approximately 30% less expensive than Security Roller Shutter For this reason the Domestic Roller Shutter are still the most popular choice for 80% of Australian Homes.

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OZRoll shutters gain CSIRO approval

We are pleased to advise that OZRoll has received CSIRO approval for their roller shutters.
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OZRoll roller shutters. awarded Australian Design Mark

To our knowledge this is the only window roller shutter product that can make such a claim. Designed and built in Australia to the highest of standards, the OZRoll roller shutter has been recognized by the design and engineering industries as an outstanding product.
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Security: Security

Australia's largest home insurer the NRMA reports that 55% of domestic home break-ins are through unprotected windows.
The roller shutter can offer the first line of defense in this situation and has the major advantage of being a visual deterrent.
The roller shutters unique operation and locking device also offer a physical barrier against forced intrusion.

Fire Protection: fire protection

The heat from a bush fire can easily shatter the glass in a window and allow the entry of radiant heat and ashes to the home.

In this case, the roller shutter will offer an effective barrier against radiating heat and airborne ashes.

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